We offered two nice heifers for sale in the national braunvieh sale jan 2017

Thank you to buyers of Our pen of 5 Heifers for the Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic. 4 open purebreds and a certified beef Builder (half blood). They sold Friday Feb 24, at 4 pm  

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PFI Grand Velvet win's Grand Beefbuilder at the National Western Stock Show and her class and division at FWSS.

PFI Gusto D627  Reg# PB90344

 He is consigned to the Midwest Sale in Springfield, Mo. On May 20.

Thank you buyers of our four lots in the 15th Annual Herd Builder Braunvieh Female Sale Nov 4, 2017 1:00 p.m. in Marshall Junction, Missouri. 

Thank you buyers that purchased our cattle : Midwest Food Marketing(Mike Brown) NE, Jeremy Werneke , MO, Crepe Myrtle Farm(Larry Tolbert) MS,  Dan Burianek, NE,  Scott Breining, NE,  Moon Springs Farm(Randy and Melissa Coultas) IL,  KDL and Sons Braunvieh , MO,  Emma Bell Oneal , MS and Wonderland Cattle(Carolyn Schmidt) IL .

Thank you to bidders and buyers at our herd dispersion on oct 27, 2018 Cattle went to some great new homes

Thank you to bidders and buyers at our last offering in Missouri.

Lot 42(PB72665) Lot 44 (PB69992)  Lot 43 (PB70033) Lot 41 (PB81023)

Pella Farms Herd Dispersal Sale Report From Oct. 27

 Sale Tops: * Bred Cow-Lot 4 PFI Pellamere Y104-PB77484-
Sold to Quail Pass Genetics-Andrew Gunnett out of MO. for $4500
*Bred Cow-Lot 12 PFI Alexi A362-PB83188-
Sold to Bluebonnet Braunvieh-Benny Phillips out of TX for $3000
*Bred Heifer-Lot 38 PFI Enchantin Pellamere E742-PB92819-
Sold to Rocking RG Ranches-Gene Wioda out of OR for $3000
*Bred Heifer Lot 35 PFI Bobbie Girl D638-PB90359-
Sold to Robert Hershey out of PA for $2800
*Open Heifer Lot 42 PFI Fall Brook F 818-PB94587-
Sold to Cedar Bluff Farm-Molly Russell out of MO for $3300
*Open Heifer-Lot 39 PFI Alexis Star F804-PB94581-
Sold to Bluebonnet Braunvieh-Benny Phillips out of TX for $2500
*Yearling Bull-Lot 51 PFI Enforce E741-PB92818-
Sold to C-Farms-Todd Clubb out of IA for $4800
*Yearling Bull-Lot 52 Mr DKD Eclipse E001-PB93202-
Sold to Carl & Martha Griffee out of KS for $4000
Volume Buyers:
From OR Rocking RG Ranches-Gene Wioda-9 hd
From KS Duane Olson-7 hd
From KS Carl and Martha Griffee-6 hd
From MN Justin Heim-6 hd
From IL. Wonderland Cattle-Carolyn Schmidt-5 hd
Cattle went to 11 States


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